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SoundMaxx – Immerse yourself in better sound!

Maxx-XP, in co-operation with Sundog Software, and X-Aviation are excited to bring you an amazing new product that makes X-Plane even more realistic with awesome sound upgrades!

Quick Facts:Replaces over 300MB of default X-Plane sounds with higher quality 44kHz stereo samples from real recordings of aircraft and weather and an ambient sound engine with outdoor sounds.

Developer: Maxx-XP
Download Size: 600MB

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How SoundMaxx Works

SoundMaxx is a plugin which will replace default X-Plane sounds with higher quality sounds (44kHz) for a more immersive simming experience. The sounds are recordings from the real world. In addition, SoundMaxx will add an ambient sound engine to X-Plane allowing new outdoor and in-cabin sounds. It will not interfere with third party engine sounds from other add-ons you purchase. The list of default replaced sounds includes: Thunder – wind – rain – hail – hail impacts – crashes – explosions – landing gear – gear rolling – gear skids – afterburners – jet, prop, and turboprop starters – reverse thrust – APU – switches – flaps.

Highlighted Features

• Over 300MB of upgraded 44kHz stereo samples from real recordings of aircraft and weather, replacing X-Plane’s default synthesized sound effects
• Ambient sound engine with over 300MB of outdoor ambient sounds, airfield sound effects, and in-cabin sounds
• Won’t interfere with sound engines from third-party aircraft
• Replaces default engine sounds for high and low bypass jets, reciprocating engines, props, turboprops, gryo’s, helo’s, and liftfans. (SoundMaxx will NOT override custom sounds that come with third party aircraft – only default aircraft and third party aircraft that don’t include their own sounds.) Again, these are real recordings at 44 Khz stereo.   • Separate jet engine sounds for inside vs. outside the cockpit
• Longer, more varied loops for added realism
• Ambient sound engine for low-altitude external viewpoints. Season, time, and location aware. Includes: Large airport – small airport – beach at day – beach at night – countryside during winter / summer / day / night – lakes – open ocean
• Rattles from turbulence
• In-cabin sounds for jetliners
• Replaces engine sounds with real recordings for the default Cessna 172SP, B747, Bell 206, and Robinson R22 Beta
• Integrates with the upcoming SkyMaxx Pro 3 for positional 3D thunder sound effects
• Configuration panel to allow toggling of effects and adjustment of volume
• Automatically backs up and restores built-in default X-Plane sounds with the click of a button

Why should you get it?

Sounds are a very important piece to the flight simulation puzzle. The more realistic sounds you have, the more immersive your experience will feel. This is what SoundMaxx is all about!



Available at X-Aviation