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Thanks for your interest in TerraMAXX, our goal was to drastically enhance the ground environment in X-Plane 11. After over 3 years of development we are proud to provide you with our efforts.

An example of third part integration into TerraMAXX:  LINK



TerraMAXX Features

  •  Automatic swapping of X-Plane’s default scenery with seasonal representations of summer, autumn, mild winter, and deep winter based on your simulated location, date, and temperature
  •  Replacement tree textures with 4X the resolution of default and seasonal variations
  •  Optional post-processing effects to give autumn and winter scenes season-appropriate hues
  •  If you indicated that your GPU has more than 5GB of VRAM when installing, high-resolution normal maps for default scenery will be installed, to give the appearance of more depth to the terrain

** Important Note about Custom Scenery **

TerraMaxx only affects default scenery and gateway airports. It will not affect the representation of any custom scenery or orthophoto packages you have installed, unless that custom scenery package was designed for compatibility with TerraMaxx.

Using the TerraMAXX Plugin

To configure TerraMaxx, select X-Plane’s Plugins menu, then TerraMAXX, then Configure. You should see a screen like this:


Season Mode

This allows you to control how TerraMAXX decides which season to represent in your flight.

Auto” mode automatically selects a season based on your plane’s latitude, your simulated date, and the simulated temperature at your plane’s location. For most users, this is the mode you’ll want. However, bear in mind that if these conditions change enough over the course of a flight to cause a change in season, it can result in a lengthy scenery reload mid-flight.

Off” disables TerraMAXX and uses X-Plane’s default scenery instead.

Summer”, “Autumn,” “Mild Winter”, and “Deep Winter” allow you to manually select a fixed season, regardless of the simulated date, location, or temperature.

Deep Winter Temp

This controls the temperature cutoff between “mild winter” and “deep winter” when the season mode is set to “auto”. “Deep winter” represents heavier snow and ice on the terrain. This setting is displayed as degrees Celsius.

Post FX

In autumn or winter conditions, this will apply a post-processing effect to give your overall scene a season-appropriate hue. Note that this feature will conflict with our Maxx-FX product which can be used for the same thing; if you are using Maxx-FX, you should disable this option.


Available at X-Aviation