UrbanMAXX V2 3D

Available at X-Aviation

UrbanMAXX Extreme V2 provides a better set of textures over V1. The textures have been optimized with normal maps which brings another dimension to UME.

Some changes are:

• Addition of normal maps for a more 3D look.
• Mip Mapping toned down to get rid of those large areas of gray.
• Vastly improved night lighting which was developed to blend better with X-Plane 10 default lights.
• Cleaned up coding for better performance.
• Higher resolution textures for more detail.
• Major update of textures.

UrbanMAXX integrates into X-Planes “Plausible” environment seamlessly but it also gives you the ability to dial down your rendering options for better performance. You may ask yourself what features UrbanMAXX Extreme has over the freeware version of UrbanMAXX. Let me start by saying UM started as an experiment to see if it were possible to use orthophotos to help augment the OSM data in the simulator.

Highlighted Features

• Global urban coverage.
• Advanced texture techniques help the textures blend better.
• LIT textures which show urban lighting at night.
• Advanced texture compression for better framerates.
• Regional textures separated by temperate zones.
• A complete overhaul of original UrbanMAXX textures for added realism.
• Fast and easy installation.


Available at X-Aviation