UrbanMAXX V3.01 TerraMAXX Edition

Important: TerraMAXX is required for this module to work.

**Recently updated to V3.01 to include the new far nighttime LIT textures**

UrbanMAXX V3 TM Edition is here and its free. With the recent release of TerraMAXX and its inherent complexity we decided that smaller modules such as UrbanMAXX V3 will be a great way to rapidly deploy upgrades and new features for our seasons package.

I decided to provide UrbanMAXX Version 3 free to the community for all the support over the years. A big thank you goes out to all, without your feedback we would of never grown.

UrbanMAXX V3 takes advantage of the tools available to bring the seasons to your urban environment.  This go around we wanted to make a plausible impact in cities, towns and villages. UM works with your autogen scenery to make the concrete jungle look more filled in. Satellite imagery was used from the USGS seamless server.

Take a look:



**You will need to delete the UrbanMAXX_V3 folder prior to installing V3.01**

To install UrbanMAXX V3.01 just copy the folder UrbanMAXX_V3.01 into your “Custom Scenery” folder from the X-Plane 11 Root. It works automatically with TM no activation necessary.  I hope you enjoy!